Youth Camp, August 5-10 | Sr Adult Camp, August 6-10
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Campers are learning and lives are being changed! Here’s what campers say they learned during their week of camp …

I learned that God loves me more than anything.
We learned that you should not carry your baggage around and not hold grudges.
You should not let social media distract you from the voice of God.
Only Jesus can take away your pain.
I enjoyed learning how to play the piano.
Sometimes what you wear can cause you to draw unwanted attention to yourself.
I learned God’s purpose for my life and why I was created.
I learned how to forgive others and myself.
I learned how to make friends and how to pray.
It’s easy to put on a mask instead of facing my fears.
Media isn’t life.
I learned to collaborate with other people.
I learned to love, trust, and respect others more and to be a more positive person.
Pick friends that lead you to your purpose.
Not all “friends” are your friends.
If you hold it in (your anger and hurt), you will end up taking it out on people.


Parents are grateful.

Thank you for hosting (my children) at Camp Dynamite. (My daughter) talked about all the things she learned at camp the entire ride home. She truly loved it! She even said she would go back next year! Much success for a teenager who was very apprehensive about going.
I pray that you all enjoyed (my son) like he enjoyed you all. I see God has enlightened his soul during camp. He came back speaking life into his older brother and sister’s life. (We are) forever grateful for allowing us to be a part of Camp Dynamite.
Thank you is not enough. So grateful for my daughter’s experience with Camp Dynamite. Her life has been enriched because of it. I know she felt the presence of the Lord. Glory to God and much honor to you and all the staff.


Parents who went to Camp Dynamite as campers now send their own children.

With everything going on in the world today, I would never send my kids anywhere overnight, except to Camp Dynamite.


Adults remember the impact of camp on their lives.

We received a solid foundation in the Word that even followed me throughout my adult years. (Camp Dynamite was) awesome, fun, interactive … I don’t know where my life would be today if it wasn’t for the foundation I received at Camp Dynamite.
Camp Dynamite has meant my survival out in the world … so much love and kindness. All of your teachings have sustained me throughout my life.


Senior citizens are talking.

I was overall amazed at all that happens here. The ladies I met inspired me a lot. I wanted to stay longer. The quiet grounds and mountain air really helped me. I appreciate you all and thank God that He showed me favor and destined that I be here to enjoy the fellowship.
I received revelation and knowledge in the Bible study and learned how to pray effectively.
I loved the atmosphere. The people were amazing and all the activities were wonderful.
What a refreshing environment to be in with sisters and brothers in Christ!


The media is taking notice.

“Forty-seven seniors, ages 57 to 92, are enjoying a week-long overnight camp in West Virginia, a retreat filled with camp activities and religious instruction just for them. It’s a respite for many from the stresses of getting older and any number of other challenges in their lives.”
Washington Post reporter Julie Zauzmer spent two days at Camp Dynamite’s Senior Adult Retreat, resulting in the article “Arts and Crafts and Alzheimer’s Prevention: It’s Vacation Bible School for Seniors.” The article appeared online on Friday, August 12, 2016 and in the print edition on Sunday, August 14, 2016.


Community leaders sing Camp Dynamite’s praises.

“(Camp Dynamite) is among the most effective urban discipleship ministries in operation. They are known through Washington, DC for their compassion, integrity and stability.” J. Kenneth Burtram, Superintendent, Potomac Ministry Network, Assemblies of God
“The young people of our church have been deepened spiritually by their experiences in serving as counselors at Camp Dynamite. Many have testified to the power of the Holy Spirit at work through their interaction with the campers and those who serve so tirelessly year after year as organizers and leaders of this awesome ministry. Our young people have come back changed and transformed by what they have witnessed and experienced at camp.” Elder Kyu Sup (Kenneth) Chung, McLean Korean Presbyterian Church
“Shouldn’t we consider the most effective ways to impact the lives of our underserved communities? (Camp Dynamite) has shown us what it means to be effective.” Steve Fitzhugh, founder of The House DC and former Denver Bronco (NFL)
”(Camp Dynamite) is an extraordinary and much needed work. I strongly endorse them as a powerful and trusted ministry. The impact on our youth has been tremendous. I support them without reservation.” John K. Jenkins, Sr., Pastor, First Baptist Church of Glenarden
“Over the years, Camp Dynamite and its devoted staff members and volunteers have conducted programs and activities that provided young people with guidance regarding their education, career opportunities and options. I applaud what they have accomplished.” Eleanor Holmes Norton, Delegate to the House of Representatives from the District of Columbia
“When I was speaking at a middle school assembly … one of the boys raised his hand and asked politely, ‘Mr. Schlereth, what do you do during the off season?’ When I told him that I have helped out Camp Dynamite, his face lit up! ‘I’ve been to Camp Dynamite!’ Twenty other boys nodded in agreement. That’s when I realized the difference that Camp Dynamite makes.” Mark Schlereth, ESPN analyst, former Washington Redskin and Denver Bronco (NFL)
“Camp Dynamite has become a truly outstanding model among urban youth programs across the city. Their creative efforts to address issues of low self-esteem, gang violence, and teen pregnancy on a very limited budget are nothing short of miraculous.” Barbara Williams Skinner, Skinner Leadership Institute