Youth Camp, August 5-10 | Sr Adult Camp, August 6-10
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What is Camp Dynamite?

Camp Dynamite is a Christian overnight camping program that began in 1974.  Camp Dynamite primarily serves families in Washington DC and the surrounding metropolitan area.  

Where is Camp Dynamite located?

Camp Dynamite is a program, not a location or campground.  We have rented several different facilities over the years.  We currently rent the facilities of Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center in Falling Waters, West Virginia, about 75 minutes from Washington, DC.

What are some of the activities at camp?

Activities vary depending on the age of the campers.  Past activities have included the following:  swimming, Bible study, sports, fashion show, bowling, roller skating, dance, singing, arts and crafts, and campfires.

Where do we sleep at camp?

Room types include dormitory style rooms with a private bathroom, motel type rooms with a private bathroom and dormitory style rooms with shared bathrooms.

How can my family contact me while I am away?

Letters or packages can be mailed to Potomac Park Retreat and Conference Center, c/o Camp Dynamite, 11 Tabernacle Way, Falling Waters WV 25419.  Phone numbers will be provided to parents and guardians at the time of departure for camp.


When is Camp Dynamite?

Check this website for current dates.  Children’s camp is usually in July, and  youth (middle and high school) campers are usually in August.  Dates for the senior retreat may vary.

What should I bring with me?

You can refer to the registration brochure on this website for a detailed list.  Although it is not necessary, many people find it useful to bring a flashlight and umbrella.

Are there a lot of woods on the campground?

The campground has a wooded area as part of its perimeter, and a nature trail for those who would like to hike through the woods.  Very few (if any) activities are planned in the woods.

Are visitors allowed?

Parents are permitted to show up to camp unannounced at any time.  All other visitors should be approved in advance.

Should campers bring cash?

Children and youth do not need to bring cash.  There will be no opportunities or need for them to have spending money.  Adult campers should ask what activities are planned and if money will be needed.

Are cell phones and electronics allowed?

Children and youth should not bring electronic devices to camp, including phones, tablets and computers.  Camp Dynamite cannot be responsible for the safekeeping of valuable electronic items.

Are campers allowed to call home?

Parents can call to check on their children at any time.  Children are typically not allowed to call home.